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TiVo(R) Enhances TiVo(R) Premiere Experience With TiVo Wireless N Network Adapter

Company Release - 4/26/2010 8:30 AM ET

Download and Transfer HD TV and Movies Faster and Easier

ALVISO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/26/10 -- TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a leader in advanced television services, including digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced general availability of a new TiVo Wireless N Network Adapter. The adapter is designed to help consumers transfer and download broadband content within the home at a faster speed, making the most of your TiVo® Premiere and TiVo® Premiere XL music, web and mobile features. Starting today, the TiVo Wireless N Adapter is available for $89.99 on and available later this week at Best Buy stores nationwide.

"The Wireless N Adapter takes your TiVo DVR broadband experience up a notch, making moving content within the home both faster and more convenient," said TiVo Inc.'s Vice President and General Manager of Product Marketing, Jim Denney. "We've offered a Wireless G Adapter for many years, but just as Premiere was our first step in the next evolution of the DVR, we wanted to upgrade our total offering with the addition of a new Wireless N Adapter focused on speed and performance. We'll continue to release accessories and features that further improve the overall customer experience, leaving the competition behind."

The TiVo Wireless N Adapter easily connects your TiVo DVR to your wireless home network. The adapter features a simple push button configuration that makes set-up easy.* With its fast speeds, the adapter is ideal for moving content within the home, such as recording a show on one TiVo DVR and watching it on another in your home. To take advantage of your mobile features with TiVoToGo™ the adapter lets you easily transfer recordings to a laptop, iPhone™ or other portable devices.

As TiVo's first adapter that takes advantage of the 802.11n networking standard, the Wireless N Adapter is designed to deliver quicker transfer speeds, across longer ranges and with less interference by using the 5GHz versus 2.4GHz band.** Even if you don't own an N-speed router, you can create a bridge and get N-speed downloads by plugging a second TiVo Wireless N Adapter into your G- or B-speed router. For customer convenience, the adapter works with all dual tuner TiVo DVRs and is backwards compatible with older networks.

* Only for routers with Wi-Fi Protected Setup push button configuration. Customers without push button configuration on their router will connect the adapter to a computer first to configure the N-adapter.
** Results may vary based on your network environment.

The Wireless N Adapter is for use with TiVo Premiere, TiVo HD, TiVo Series3™ HD or TiVo Series2™ dual-tuner DVRs. TiVo Desktop or TiVo Desktop Plus software is required for music, photos and TiVoToGo transfers. Movie and TV show downloads require a broadband Internet connection and may require a rental or purchase fee. Transfers to some portable devices require TiVo Desktop Plus (sold separately).

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